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Theory Can be completed Online before reching your destination to be fully Certified

Yes, you can now really learn how to freedive online.  Of course, the actual freediving and skills development will happen in the pool and ocean but it is now really possible to become a Theory Freediver. 

The Molchanovs Theory 1 Course is done in two Zoom, Facebook or Whatapp Video Sessions of each about 1.5 hours, we'll teach you everything you need to know about 

The Best thing About becoming a Theory Freediver is not only will you learn all of the important theory we just discussed but the big advantage of doing this 2 session course is that after you get certified you will get access to the free dry-training parts of Molchanovs base training systems

Molchanovs Theory 1 Certification

In the 2 online sessions you will get a proper understanding of the physiology involved with freediving - why we can dive as deep as we do.  I will teach you different relaxation techniques, and how to safely freedive.  Other topics covered are equalisation, gear, and much much more.  The T1 course is alot of fun and packed with lot's of useful and necessary information to prepare you for pool and Ocean Freediving.

After you have completed the T1 Course it is really simple to upgrad to L1 (Lap 1-Pool) or even the full W1 (Wave 1 Pool and Depth) This can even be done with another instructor in anoter Location.  Molchanovs is a huge global Freediving Family!

  • Cost:  $85

  • Duration:  2 x 1.5 hour sessions

  • Prerequisites: Be at least 18 years old (16 years with parental consent) and be able to swim 200m without fins and without any buoyancy devices. 

  • Developed by: Molchanovs

  • Participants: Max. 8

  • Instructor: Natalie Rudman

Contact Via Whatsapp:  +504 9927-7934

Theory 1/Lap 1/ Wave 1: About Me
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