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Molchanovs W2 Instructor Course

The Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor can teach Wave 1 and 2 Courses, Lap 1 and 2 courses and guide Base Level 1 to 4 programs.

Prerequisites: The candidate must have a Wave 3 Certification or passed the Wave 3 Crossover Evaluation and have a First Aid Certificate (no older than 2 years).

Duration: 9 days

Performance & Course Completion Requirements:

  • Constant Weight Bi Fins (CWTB): 40mtr. (dive time 80-90s)

  • Free Immersion (FIM): 40mtr.

  • Constant No Fins (CNF): 30mtr.

  • Dynamic Bi Fins (DYNB): 100mtr.

  • Dynamic No Fins (DNF): 60mtr.

  • Static Breath-Hold: 4:00min.

  • Standby Rescue (1min. Rescue Hang): 15mtr.

  • BO Rescue (50mtr. tow incl. Rescue Breaths): 25mtr.

  • CO2 Dive: 60sec. then 20m CWT dive

* All skills need to be demonstrated with instructor level quality.

Price  per person: $1,400

Please note; after you pass the Molchanovs FITC, we will certify you as a Molchanovs Wave 2 Instructor. To become an active instructor, you still need to pay the first year annual fee directly to Molchanovs. The annual fee for an Independent Instructor is currently set to $100 a year.

Upgrade to Wave 3 Instructor after 50 Certs for Additional $500

Upgrade from other agencies, remote Pricing set at $500

Molchanovs IC: About Me
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