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Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Roatán lies on the southern edge of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

The word “ROATÁN” is derived from a Mexican tongue meaning “ISLAND OF WOMEN

It has a wide diversity of cultural and natural wonders, surrounded with attractive and luxurious resorts, affluent in its fowl abundance and a wealthy underwater life. Had we mentioned yet the crystal turquoise waters and the white sand beaches with coconut trees.


Because of it's beautiful turquoise waters, Roatan makes the perfect destination for Diving. The calm waters that open up to an abundance of coral reef and Marine life is a most welcoming place for the new and established freediver.

I have been practicing yoga here on and off since 2017 when I first competed in the Caribbean Cup and World Championships Freediving competitions.

The Yoga community gives a welcoming and inclusive feel. I always feel a sense of 'coming home' when I connect back with the teachers and yoga practitioners of Roatan.

Currently Teaching in 3 Wonderful Locations that are all give a unique environment and special feeling for practicing yoga.

Monday 9am Sundowners (West End) - The only Morning class - Ease into the Week with a Gentle Flow, often begins with Kundalini Spinal Series of movement and breath to awaken the body and mind. The Top deck overlooks Half Moon bay in West End. $10

Wednesday 5pm Tranquil Seas Yoga (Sandy Bay) - This class is usually full of abundant Energy and Light. The Yoga Dock at tranquil seas is directly over the ocean and has the most spectacular sunset panoramic views. $5

Friday 4pm Cafe De Palo in (West End)- A flow class with strong elements of Pranayama, building Kundalini Energy to re-energize and reset for the weekend. This class is in a small private location overlooking the Sea in a small secluded Bay. Receive 20% discount in the delicious and picturesque Cafe when attending Class. $6

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